QQ Keno

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QQ Keno

About QQ Keno

If you are familiar with playing lottery games over time, QQ Keno is one that intrigues you for trying with real money. It is  a popular lottery game today, offering prize and payouts based on number gaming and selection of different ranges. Keno is a game coming up with French influence and has roots based in China. The term Keno means “Quine,” meaning 5 winning numbers.

How to play QQ Keno?

It is not rocket science with hard rules on learning QQ Keno and Bingo games. With this game, there about 80 numbers where you can start betting from 01 to 80 values. However, the actual catch for starters comes in the form of a 2-minutes Keno round.

Site Interface

Using state-of-the-start technology, backed with HTML5, increases the probability of allowing gamblers to try from mobile to try from mobile devices and bet with  different compatible devices. Although for QQ Keno and online lottery Malaysia based games, the players require clicking a button and move the betting chip values to place one.

Languages Supported

While talking about  languages, Simplified Mandarin and English are available as the main languages. In addition to these, other Asian languages such as Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are also supported in this game. These helps locals from each nation to make their perfect gamble pick out of the QQ Keno lottery system.


QQ Keno is an interesting lottery game available across the gambling market. The game has an easy-to-understand betting interface with different challenging modes and caters all types of gamblers.

QQ Keno - Online Casino Sites

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QQ Keno My Review

For folks that are anyway related to the Lottery scene in Malaysia and Singapore, QQ Keno Lottery Games would be quite familiar. And why should not it be? QQ Keno online lottery in Malaysia is quite popular, mainly because it offers a wide range of rewards for players of the game, even if they are not the jackpot award winner. If you are even a little bit lucky, you can certainly get something from QQ Keno online lottery in Malaysia.

Yes, it is possible for one to enjoy this popular offering through their iPad. In fact, one can easily login through any internet-abled device as QQ Keno is backed with HTML5.

No, not at all; in fact, one could make an argument that this is the perfect game for beginner online casino players to try their luck at.

The reason for the success of QQ Keno and the positive QQ Keno Review

  • Easy for one to navigate through the site
  • Mobile-friendly platform due to it being backed by HTML5
  • Available in several local languages, allowing the portal to be accessed by a wider population
  • Easy to place your bet, which only adds to the appeal of the game
  • Attractive graphics and soundtracks
  • Different challenge modes based on the skill of the players