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PlayStar Gaming

About PlayStar Gaming

PlayStar is a well-known producer and provider of real-money online casino games, with a strong concentration on Asian markets. As with other Asian-based game developers, nothing can be discovered about the company’s corporate, ownership, or management structure. They initially appeared in 2015, and in only a few short years, they have created well over a hundred slot machines, table games, and even a fishing game called Haidilao. The title is derived from a Sichuan (Chinese) Mahjong word that means “fortune.”

Philosophy of the Company

These are:

Company Timeline

By August 2015, the company was founded in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan’s southern industrial heartland. By March 2017, additional offices have been established in Taichung, which literally means “middle of Taiwan” and in November the same year for the first time, delegates MGS (Macau Gaming Show) as merchants. By May 2018, PlayStar is represented at the premiere G2E Asia. In August, the company’s headquarters moved to Kaohsiung. In October, the company made a mobile app development investment. In November, the same year in Taichung, PlayStar opens its second office. By May 2019, representatives attend G2E Asia in Macau.

Software and Games

The company’s games are browser-based internet games that may be played on any device or operating system. They also create gaming applications for iOS and Android smartphones. That element, on the other hand, is most likely designed to appeal to a specific market segment that prefers mobile software clients, as HTML5 technology makes apps obsolete because it is device agnostic and relies solely on hypertext markup language, which has been modified but has been around since the dawn of the internet.

Super Boom

Super Boom was the first game we tried. We intended it to represent current bonus mechanisms, demonstrate the degree of artisanry in sights and sounds, and serve as a benchmark for enjoyment and user experience, even though it wasn’t the most recent release.

Dog Bless You

Our next game was accessed via an Asian IP (Singapore) and loaded on a free-to-play website. This time, the logo was colored to signify how far the download had progressed. We should add that between tries to load the games, all cache, content, and cookies were deleted for a new start each time. The games loaded fast in every case when using a broadband connection.

Haidilao Fishing Slot

While the name of the game in Sichuan implies fortune (a Mahjong word), the same name is also used for a hotpot restaurant chain. Perhaps it’s a double entendre, or we’re reading too much into the name, but this fishing slot has a hotpot motif.

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