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Online Gambling Review Slots: Pear Fiction Studios
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October 07, 2021

PearFiction Studios

About PearFiction Studios

PearFiction Studios is an independent online game developer located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The company was founded in 2014 by former aerospace tech and multimedia entrepreneur, Thierry Semoff. The firm ramped up operations and began recruiting talented programmers, illustrators, and sound artists initially tasked with mobile and social casino games. By the end of their second calendar year in business PowerUp Slots™ climbed to become the #5 casino game in the iTunes store – two spots above Big Fish Casino.

Software and Games

In addition to casual and social games such as PowerUp Slots, Blitz Racer, Tiny Necromancer, Crazy Camera, Jelly Bounce, and Planet Surfer PearFiction Studios has four real money slots in its portfolio that are currently licensed via Leander, in Alderney and the United Kingdom. Gustavo El Luchador, Outer Space Invaders, The Smashing Biscuit, and Pugs Life were created with PixiJS for HTML5 and can be played on any device with a web browser connected to the internet.

HTML5 is the new industry standard in game content delivery as it bypasses unreliable plug-ins like Flash which used to be needed for interactive animated gambling and other games. The markup language is open source and virtually future proof and is simply an evolution of the coding that has been used to deliver web pages since the birth of the World Wide Web.


Although PearFiction Studios may be a small, small fish in a pool that’s full of sharks – much like Gustavo – the quality of their product and astute business moves indicate that we should be seeing many more games from this talented design house in the future. While it may be difficult for new labs to break into the market, and surely no current boutique developer will ever dominate, game accelerators like RNG Foundry and platform partners like Leander Games make it possible for players to experience an ever-expanding universe of high quality, unique, and entertaining new games.

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