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GOD55 Mike Tyson
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God55 Review

Online casinos in Asia as well as worldwide are currently in a blooming era. As soon as we are “ordered” to be stuck at home due to COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone has more time at hand as we can only face four sides of the walls at our home. God55 is one of the dominating online casino in Asia which cater in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Brunei. Read our 100% independent and honest Godd55 review.

Godd55 Website Review

Color Branding

The brand website color of God55 is black and shiny gold with mix color of red for call-to-action button. All website in each location have the same branding color which make them stand out as they are consistent. Though the color palette of the website is not unique as many online casinos in Singapore is also using like 3WE and a lot more.


Mobile is one of the factor in every online casino in Asia since most of the players uses their smartphone to play that’s why online casino games are booming because it’s booming rapidly. God55 site mobile is redirected to subpage which kind good move for them. Though the God55 website it’s not responsive for desktop version but when viewing it mobile, you will be redirected.

Page Speed

We used a page speed insights tool to get the speed of God55, and the results is kind disappointing. It’s so much lower than the passing area of 80. For God55 website page speed in desktop is only 26 while in mobile is only 5. If you go to God55 website, please bear that the site is loading slow. If you have a slow internet connection, better find other online casino platform that is more faster based on your internet speed.

Brand Ambassador

From 2020-2021, Roberto Carlos was introduced as the God55 2020/2021 Brand Ambassador. Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian Footballer and he is Real Madrid’s most capped foreign-born player in La Liga with 370 appearances.

For 2021-2022, The legendary professional boxer Mike Tyson was introduced as their new God55 2021/2022 Brand Ambassador. Mike Tyson was lined up in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and  World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Customer Service

God55 customer service offers a 24/7 for all players. What is not good about their customer service? When you go the website, the chatbot is welcoming you as Sir so are they only targeting men only as their customer. Other than that, customer service is superb and worth for a clap.

Payment Methods

God55 offer EeziePay and Help2Pay for all regions. God55 is not accepting cryptocurrency as of this moment.


Every online casino site offer a massive and enticing promotions like welcome bonus, rebates, free spins and many more. Each bonus can help you to play more and win big. You need to read the terms and conditions of each promotion offered by God55.

Game Provider

Trusted platform needs a good game provider. God55 ensures that their casino games are provided only from trusted one like CMD368, Allbet, and lot more game provider. Online casino and slot games provider offer a lot of games to choose and play.


God55 is a good casino platform in Asia aside from their chatbot which address only to men. You just need to avoid their website if you have slow internet connection because it may take a while to load either mobile or desktop. They offer a good bonuses to new players and have existing promo for their existing customer. The God55 Brand Ambassador is not a joke as they able to get a legendary athlete on their field.

Hope this God55 review help you decide whether you will register an account or move on the next trusted platform.

God55 Review - Online Casino Sites

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God55 Malaysia Review 2022

God55 online casino games do not need any kind of introduction. God55 is one of the trusted online casino platforms and the default choice for many in the online casino gaming community to have a memorable experience. God55 hosts some of the best online casino games on its platform, which easily sky-rocketed the number of users the platform hosts over the last couple of years. This is obviously aided by the massive boom the online gambling community is facing due to the pandemic and subsequent movement restrictions.

God55 website Review

One of the main reasons for the success of God55, besides their amazing offering to users, is how easy it is for one to make use of the platform. Over the years, one of the major pain points that many online casino gamers have complained about is how stressful it is for one to navigate on the platform. Even when one is simply looking to place a bet, they have to navigate around several ads and unnecessary promotions to be able to do that simple task. This is something that God55 has taken cognizance of and has ensured that their customers are on their receiving end of hassle-free navigation. It is also one of many reasons for the positive God55 Singapore review. One can easily find several God55 Sg review that reaffirms the observation mentioned earlier.

Here are some of the tips taken by God55 that have garnered a positive God55 casino review.


A common issue faced by several of the more established online casino sites is that they are uniquely suited to provide their users with a satisfactory desktop online casino experience. And while there is nothing wrong with that, the majority of the online casino transaction is done via mobile devices that these online casino platforms are not equipped to handle. This is an issue that God55 does not face.

Page Speed

If there is one flak that can make against the God55 in the God55 online casino review, then it would be their sub-optimal page loading time. In the online market, even a second delay in the loading speed can be fatal, and that is something that God55 understands quite well. This is one of the reasons why God55 has spent considerably to ensure that the page loading time of its gaming platform is as low as possible. And while it still takes a considerable time for one to load the God55 platform, it is relatively faster than several of its competitors.


God55 has done quite well when it comes to marketing its product to the wide world, which has naturally bore fruit in favor of the company in question. To that effect, God55 has signed Mike Tyson as the God55 Singapore Brand Ambassador. Now, who has not heard of Mike Tyson, the world-famous and hall of Famer boxing superstar? This move has only led to the credence that God55 is a brand to trust in online casino gaming.

Another thing that God55 has done masterfully is advertising the wide number of God55 promotion in Malaysia they offer to their users. Whether one is an existing user of the online casino gaming offered by the God55, or a new user looking for a reliable platform to try to luck out and have an overall fun experience, these God55 Singapore promotions are sure to entice even the very best of them. These enticing promotions with the combination of excellent marketing strategy have made God55 a global player in the online casino market, and in quite a short time as well.

God55 My Review Conclusion

While there are many online casino sites that do something better than God55, God55 is an all-around package that one could not go wrong with. Not only is the interface of the platform a sight to behold, but God55 has also partnered up with several online casino game developers to host their content on the platform. God55 is a player that is here to stay in the online gambling industry, and we will be following their growth with keen eyes.