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Online Gambling Review Casino: Fresh Deck Studios
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October 11, 2021

Fresh Deck Studios

About Fresh Deck Studios

Live dealer software is a growing vertical in the online betting industry, bringing with it the ability for punters to participate in real games from the comfort of home. Fresh Deck Studios is the latest of a string of developers to break into the live dealer game, providing their services to casino operators around the globe.

Fresh Deck has worked to integrate CG-inspired dealers into their platform, providing a worker that doesn’t take breaks or require a salary. While the concept is cool, the lack of a personality is something that the developer will have to overcome, as it’s one of the best parts of playing a live dealer game.

Dealers at Fresh Deck Studios

What we see with this company is a lot more variety than you usually see. The added languages mean that the recruitment pool is much larger and as such you can expect to be offered an even more professional gaming experience than with other game providers.

Luxury and sophistication seem to be two trademarks that the company aims for, and we tend to agree that they do excel in them. Yet, we cannot stress enough the fact that everything is relaxed and entertaining as well. The dealers certainly bring their best game to these tables.

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