ECLBET Casino Review

ECLBET Casino Review
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ECLBET Casino Review

If you are an E-Sports fan, chances are you would be familiar with the name ECLBet. Founded in 2016, ECLBet boasts 6,000 monthly active members in Malaysia and Singapore after gaining fame through games like Dota2 as well as CSGO. Add aggressive marketing into the mix and it is no wonder ECLBet gets plenty of mentions in major gambling Facebook groups in Malaysia.

ECLBet is recognized by its sleek, black and gold interface. Top perks for their website includes user-friendliness which makes it easy to navigate, high-quality graphics and super-fast loading server.

Aside from E-Sports, you can find everything from mini-games to live casinos, sports betting, slots and 4D jackpots. Their prediction events are also a crowd-pleaser which always manages to draw in plenty of participants. To top it off, all members can enjoy high-quality live casino games recorded in real-time that are transmitted via a professional live studio.

It is impressive to see the amount of success ECLBet has garnered in such a short period. Today they are known as one of the largest, most stable E-Sport online betting website in both Malaysia and Singapore. Not only can members look forward to quality games from top providers, but they can also reap the promos and bonuses when registering with them.

Assurance and Regulation

Since ECLBet online casino is available in Malaysia and Singapore, therefore it should be pretty safe. This is because all online casinos must have legal certification and licenses to operate in Singapore.

With casinos in Singapore being regulated by various government agencies, that alone should be enough to keep any casino out of trouble. Regulators include the Casino Regulatory Authority, MHA’s Gambling Regulatory Unit, the Singapore Totalisator Board, the Singapore Police Force and the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

ECLBet live chat is available on their website, 24/7, for both countries. Their marketing team also actively updates news and announcements on various social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram and Instagram. Any concerns can be forwarded to their friendly customer service team via Email and WeChat. Alternatively, members can also call the local numbers listed in each countries’ respective websites from 12 pm -10 pm ( +8 hours)


For the ECLBet casino review, e-sports is one of their strength as they mentioned in several groups. ECLBet is one of the trusted online provider in terms of e-sports betting online. 

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ECLBET My Review

For folks who have been invested in the E-sport community for the last few years, there is absolutely no chance they have not heard of the ECLBET. ECLBET has made its name in the Malaysia and Singapore market is due to offering games like Dota2 and CSGO to the audience. So, naturally, if one is a fan of any of those games, then it is improbable that they have not heard of the name ECLBET. And now ECLBET has used its massive popularity due to the success of its E-sports platform to launch ECLBET online casino for users in those markets.

It is a smart strategy as ECLBET is a name in the online gaming community that is associated with trust and customer satisfaction. And with the addition of the ECLBET promo code in Singapore and ECLBET Malaysia voucher code to tempt the users of other more established online casino games, ECLBET has slowly but surely built a loyal community of online casino players under their umbrella.

But while the aggressive marketing is done by ECLBET is sure to attract the gamers to their site; in the end, it is the quality of the games they provide that determines whether they would be able to retain the interested parties in the long term or not. And judging by the ECLBET Malaysia review, one can make a case that their aggressive marketing strategy has been more than successful. With its amazing graphics and more than satisfactory sound quality in its gaming, ECLBET has quickly captured a decent market share.

Honest ECLBET review

One of the questions that are asked by folks that have not tried ECLBET casino games is whether is ECLBET safe to play or not? The answer is straightforward, ECLBET is entirely safe for one to play. The simple reason is that all online casinos must have a legal certification to operate in the mentioned countries. In addition to this, these online casinos are heavily regulated by various government agencies.

ECLBET casino review 2022 conclusion

It would not be a stretch to say that ECLBET is one of the best online casino game developers in Singapore, and the positive ECLBET review in Singapore can attest to it. ECLBET has placed particular emphasis on ensuring that its users are at the receiving end of highly satisfactory services. ECLBET has a 24 x 7 live chat customer support system which has naturally tiled the Eclbet Casino Review to be overwhelmingly positive.