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Online Gambling Review Casino: Atmosfera
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October 11, 2021


About Atmosfera is an online real-money gambling provider with live streaming games. The portfolio contains a variety of mechanically-served and human assisted games like roulette bingo, keno, straight bingo, and bet on poker. The privately held company has locations in Russia and elsewhere in Europe as well as over half a dozen core team members in the LATAM region with most of them calling Brazil home.

They strive for flexibility and focus on partners’ needs in all aspects of their service. This allows quick adaptation from genesis to evolution. Their visual representation of live games is indeed radically different from the standard live studio setting – it does make them stand out.

Software and Games

All games are multichannel for play on any device and open right in your browser. Tablet and desktop displays are nearly identical for roulette. The interface for mobile resides on three screens in landscape mode with the dealer, wheel, and table in full view at all times on the main screen. Swipe to the right to see a digital wheel with pyts or slide to the left to access betting on a full-sized table.

The Games

There’s a nice mix of games including those with and without a human assistant. Each has something unique about it beyond the atmosphere and environment. In addition to the games we’ll detail below you will find an automated bingo game with no human host. Watch the balls drawn from a lotto machine and collect your prizes in real-time.

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